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The Congress

ABIMAPI and ABICAB would like to invite you to participate of the 16th International Industry Congress, which will take place from April 5th to 7th 2018, in Foz do Iguaçu (PR), Brazil. The event aims, first and foremost, contributing to the empowerment and development of the categories that we represent.

Cataratas Thermas Resort & Convention expects us for three days of networking and debates regarding the matters relating to the consumption and analysis of the market of products derived from wheat, cocoa and peanut, among others, the discussion about innovation and brand internationalization, and much more. We want to disseminate good management practices by integrating professionals in favor of the development of the industry.

Aside from the lectures, we will have a Trade Fair which will bring the latest updates in the market regarding equipment and raw input.

After the success of the first edition, we will be doing another International Business Round, with about 25 Brazilian companies that are part of the sector projects Brazilian Biscuits, Pasta and Industrialized Breads & Cakes (ABIMAPI) and Brasil Sweets & Snacks (ABICAB), both in partnership with Apex-Brasil, to welcome at least 15 buyers from different countries.


One of the biggest food associations in the country, ABIMAPI (Brazilian Manufacturers Association of Biscuit, Pasta and Industrialized Bread & Cakes) – represents 94 companies which hold 80% of the sector and generate 100 thousand direct jobs. ABIMAPI is an interlocutor with the government, the media, researchers, and other entities, strengthening and consolidating the categories represented in the national and international scenarios.


ABICAB - (Brazilian Association of Chocolate, Cocoa, Peanut, Candies and Byproducts Industry) fosters the development and improvement of the sector by means of the collaboration of competent public offices, scientific and technological studies as well as economic analysis. Among its projects, Pró-Amendoim (Pro-Peanut), which aims at ensuring the quality and safety of products derived from peanut, has achieved great repercussion among Brazilian Industries and has boosted the sector in the last 10 years.


The schedule can be changed

Business meeting

Exclusively for participants of the ABIMAPI/ABICAB and Apex-Brasil exportation projects.

Exhibition Fair Openning

1st block - Politics and Economy

Moderators: Vicente Barros (Alicorp) & Ronaldo Wickbold (Wickbold)
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Prospects for the Brazilian and World Economy

Alexandre Mendonça de Barros

Agronomist at ESALQ / USP (1990) and Doctor in Economics Applied by ESALQ / USP (1999). He was Professor of the Economics Department of ESALQ / USP between 1995 and 2004 and was professor of Agricultural Economics at Fundação Getúlio Vargas from 2005 to 2011. He was a member of the Boards of Directors of Fosfértil, CASP, Vale Fertilizantes, Schoenmaker / Terra Viva Group and Coplana. He is a member of the Otávio Lage Group Councils, Minerva Frigorífico, Guarita and Grupo Roncador. Member of the External Advisory Committee of EMBRAPA Livestock Southeast. Member of the Superior Council of Agribusiness of FIESP. He is Partner-Consultant of MB Agro.

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Brazilian and the World Political Scenario

Demetrio Magnoli

Politics and international affairs journalist.

He is currently Folha de Sao Paulo columnist and a commentator on politics and international affairs for Globo News. In addition, he is a member of the International Conjuncture Analysis Group (GACINT) of the University of Sao Paulo - USP. In his lectures, Demetrio Magnoli differentiates himself by presenting masterly socio-political scenarios and politico-economic scenarios of Brazil and the world. It is considered one of the main references of the theme in Brazil.

Cocktail & Openning Dinner

Companions tour: shopping in Paraguay

Confirm your presence at the event secretariat.

2nd block - Market

Moderators: Rogério Tondo (Tondo) & Gustavo Rincón (Kellogg's)
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Daniel Asp Souza

Industry Leader - Beverages at Nielsen.

Bachelor of Business Administration and Master in Marketing and Business Management, with more than 16 years of experience in market analysis, customer service, sales management and team leadership. He is currently the Nielsen beverage industry leader.

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Kantar WorldPanel

Tathiane Frezarin

Diretora de Desenvolvimento de Negócios - Kantar WorldPanel.

Tathiane Frezarin, Business Development Director, holds a degree in Advertising and Marketing from ESPM and a postgraduate degree in Corporate Management from the School of Communication and Arts at the University of São Paulo. He has more than 15 years of professional experience dedicated to Market Research and specializes in consumer behavior. Throughout its 10 years in Kantar Worldpanel Brazil, it developed and consolidated the area of New Business, being responsible for capturing and serving regional and global clients.

Coffee Break & Exhibition Fair

3rd block - Governance

Moderators: Ricardo Selmi (Selmi) & Massimo Bauducco (Bauducco)
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Corporate governance

Sandra Guerra

Director & Partner - Better Governance

One of the forerunners of corporate governance in Brazil, she has served as a counselor and chairman of the board of directors since 1995. Her experience includes acting on boards of listed, closed, family-owned, state-controlled companies and non-profit organizations in Brazil and abroad. With 22 years of experience in corporate governance, she was a member of the founding group of the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC), where she served as chairman of the board for four years from 2012 to 2016. She was also an advisor to the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) twice.

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Clóvis de Barros Filho

Teacher & Philosopher

He is currently one of the most sought after speakers in the country. His lectures and lectures on ethics have already been heard by millions of people, in all the states of the country, as well as in Uruguay, France, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Portugal and other countries. Doctor and Professor at the School of Communications and Arts of the University of São Paulo, Professor Clóvis has been working in the corporate world since 2005. He has clients from all walks of life, across countless branches throughout Brazil.


Business meeting

Exclusively for participants of the ABIMAPI/ABICAB and Apex-Brasil exportation projects.

All participants tour: visit to the Iguacu Falls

Confirm your presence at the event secretariat.

Cocktail & Dinner

4th block - Innovation

Moderators: Afonso Champi (Ferrero do Brasil) & Marcos Vieira de Souza (Pepsico)
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Retail and Consumer Trends

Maurício Morgado

PhD in Business Administration from EAESP / FGV, Master in Business Administration from FEA-USP and Graduate in Business Administration from FEA-USP. He has been a professor at FGV-EAESP and a partner in Lúmina Marketing since 1993. He has specialized in retail and services with more than 25 years of experience in the field. He has worked in marketing consulting and market research, as well as training and development courses in marketing and retail. He is coordinator of the Professional Master in Retail of the FGV, the Master in Retail of the FGV and the GVcev-Center of Excellence in Retail of FGV-Eaesp. He was also the author and organizer of the book "Retail - Business Administration" of Editora SENAC (1997), author of the dissertation "Internet as direct marketing media in Brazil" (1998) and the thesis "Online Consumer Behavior: and Internet use "(2003). Accompanied delegations to the NRF convention for 18 years.

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Retail Strategies

Manoel Alves Lima

Architect, founding partner and CEO of FAL Design

Strategist for Retail, her office is considered the most creative and awarded in Brazil, having received in 2017 eleven awards in contests promoted by POPAI, Retail Design Institute, ABF and Latam Retail Show. Professor of Visual Merchandising and Retail Environment at PEC Retail of FGV São Paulo. Vice President of Retail Design Institute Brazil, where he has acted as speaker, organizer of competitions, jury and representative in the activities with ABF. Editor of blogdafal, winner of the TOP BLOG award, 2014.

Coffee Break & Exhibition Fair

5th block - Communication

Moderators: Christianne Rego (J. Macêdo) & Mario Escotero (Bimbo do Brasil)
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Management in the Post Digital age

Walter Longo.

Partner and Director at Unimark Communication

Advertising and Business Administration with an MBA at the University of California, is a digital entrepreneur, international speaker and partner at Unimark Comunicação. Previously he was President of the Abril Group and Strategy and Innovation Mentor of the Newcomm Group - WPP Group communication holding that includes Young & Rubicam, Wunderman, Gray Brasil, VML, among others. Walter Longo is a member of several councils of telecommunications companies, partner of several companies. of digital media, internationally recognized speaker, columnist of multiple publications besides author, among others, of the books - Everything you wanted to know about advertising and nobody had the patience to explain (Ed.Atlas), Marketing and Nexo (BestSeller Ed. ) and Marketing and Communication in the Post-Digital Age (HSM Publishing House). He is currently a member of the MGB Advisory Board, Neoway Board Member, and Influencer on Linkedin.


All participants tour: shopping in Paraguay

Confirm your presence at the event secretariat.

Business meeting

Exclusively for participants of the ABIMAPI/ABICAB and Apex-Brasil exportation projects.

ABIMAPI, in partnership with Apex-Brasil, foresees the participation of 25 Brazilian Companies to welcome at least 15 international buyers to the II ABIMAPI Export International Business Round. In 2016, in its 1st edition, the event amounted to 230 business meetings and US$5 million in foreseen exports, bringing together 23 Brazilian businessmen and 13 foreign buyers coming from 10 countries in 3 continents. In 2018, the business agenda will focus on the sector´s priority target market – Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Colombia, United States, Mexico and Portugal – as well as the secondary ones – South Africa, Australia, China and Iran. For the Brazilian offer meets the expectations and perspectives envisioned by the companies in the sector, other countries will be analyzed as potential foreign participants to come to Brazil. Aiming maximizing the investments by Brazilian businessmen in the event, partnerships will be structured to identify, raise awareness and confirm the presence of key buyers of the targeted market. ABIMAPI will count on a service provider for the professional structuring of the business agenda on two days, always in the afternoon period of the International Industry Congress, also giving the opportunity for the foreign businessmen to catch up on the Brazilian market and the trends of the segments represented by ABIMAPI. The program also includes the presentation of Brazilian companies in a special showroom. The showcase of the companies, its brands and products will be placed in a privileged area in the International Industry Congress where the participants will have access to the business fair, lectures and the Business Round.

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